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The first organization that was actively engaged in the preservation of archival material in northern Banat area was “archival area No.5” founded on 7th November 1946 by the decision of City’s Committee, based on acts of the Executive Board of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Department of Education No. 16800, 2nd November 1946. At first archival area No. 5 was not an independent institution but a part of the city Museum. In 1954 by the decision of City Committee it was established as an independent institution and city archive ( Decision No. 9858 25th December 1954). The following year this institution received the Statute and changed its name to National Historical Archive. In 1967, the institution changed name once more, to Historical Archive Kikinda and carries this name to this day. In first 15 years of its existence and work, Historical Archive changed its location several times. In 1963 it was finally settled in the building that was former seat of the City Magistrate and court of Privileged District of Velika Kikinda. Most of the archival material is kept in this building but part of it is kept in the depot located in the building of the former “Grain Cooperative for Velika Kikinda area”.

Jurisdiction of Historical Archive of Kikinda includes City of Kikinda and Municipality of Kikinda, Novi Kneževac and Čoka.

Historical Archive of Kikinda preserves 405 funds and collections of archival material, in the time span from 1747 to 2017. Historical Archive also contains a library with over 4000 titles, as well as collection of local and regional newspapers ranging from the second half of 19th century to this day.

Protection of archive materials and registry materials is carried out in 271 registered registry.